26 Jan 2020 - 28 Jan 2020 | Düsseldorf, Germany
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26 Jan 2020 - 28 Jan 2020
Düsseldorf, Germany
Fashion Match Dusseldorf 2020

How a matchmaking event works?

Registration | until 26th January 2020

From the date of the registration and until the event, the participants will be regularly receiving e-mail updates explaining what they need to do next. 

2. Set up a profile

Every attendee needs to create a strong profile which will raise the visibility to others on this platform. The profiles should be clear and concise; they should describe who the participant and the company behind the profile is, what is being offered or requested (which products, services etc.), what type of potential partners can come into question. 

A good profile will significantly generate more meetings. The participants should not forget that the profile stays live and visible even after the event.

3. Request / Accept meetings | until 26th January 2020

Attendees should active on this platform, meaning they should browse published profiles and send meeting requests to those they want to meet at the event. Adding a meaningful remark why they are interested in a meeting will increase the chance that the request will be accepted.

Accepted meeting requests will be scheduled automatically.

4. At the event

At the matchmaking registration desk, all participants will receive an updated and final meeting schedule including any last minute bookings. The personal meeting schedule will list the participant details and table number for each meeting in chronological order. 

In the matchmaking area, each table will be numbered, allowing the participants to easily find the location of their meeting. The 30-minute time slots will be managed appropriately to allow participants to move on to the next meeting. The participants will be given a 5 minute warning prior to the end of their meetings to allow them some time to wrap up the meeting. 

Important to know: In the meantime, the schedule can also be checked online or via the b2match app.


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